About our rental cars

Scotties Car Rental Services has the right vehicle for your journey across New Zealand. We offer a wide range of rental vehicles at flexible rates to suit your budget.

We pride ourselves on our affordable Auckland vehicle rentals. Our large fleet includes safe, reliable and well-maintained vehicles, including trucks, sedans, SUVs and luxury cars. We always put you, your family and your friends’ safety first; making sure the rental car is in good condition before handing you the key.

All rental packages come with full roadside coverage for your convenience and peace of mind. Plan your next trip and book a rental vehicle from Scotties Car Rental Services. We wish you a safe, comfortable and memorable journey.


Backpacker Special

Nissan Sunny or similar. The cheapest option.

Older vehicle but with proven reliability and comfort. These are highly popular with young travellers or people who want to put more of their budget into what New Zealand has to offer.Strictly maintained and groomed for your safety and enjoyment.

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Hyundai Getz, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift or similar. So economic

These zippy little cars are perfect for getting round town. Others love these fuel efficient cars for their New Zealand adventures.

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Nissan Tiida or similar. Good touring option.

These cars are the perfect tourer with their sure footed handling and safety features. A large boot will ensure that all your valuables are kept safely out of sight.

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Nissan Sylphy, Toyota Camry or similar. Great family car.

These bigger vehicles are perfect for a family or anyone that demands a little more space. A larger boot will ensure that all your valuables are kept safely out of sight.

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Large vehicle

Holden Commodore. Excellent value

What better way to tour New Zealand than doing it in a classic. These vehicles, manufactured in Australia, are a dream to drive through New Zealand’s mountains. Its highly respected 3.6L engine, has a good balance between performance and economy. A big car for a big adventure!

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Sports Car Convertible

Mazda MX5 (Also known as Miata or Roadster). Great fun

Feel the wind in your hair! These amazing vehicles make any New Zealand tour a truly unforgettable experience. It’s as if New Zealand’s windy and mountainous roads were designed especially for the MX5. The MX5 has gained critical acclaim and you will love it. Just remember to pack lightly!

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From 4WDs to Campers view our specialty vehicles

Specialty Vehicles


Honda CRV and Ford Escape Multi purpose vehicle

These versatile SUVs are perfect for getting out and exploring what New Zealand has to offer. Very popular with skiers, there is plenty of room for both the skiers and the ski gear. If you are going to Queenstown this really is the essential vehicle during winter.i

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Minivan 7 or 8 seater

Toyota Estima (Previa, Torago). Space for the whole family

Great for the whole family or a group of friends! With handling characteristics more resembling a car, these vans are really nice to drive. Many people now choose these over the traditional station wagon. We don’t cover our vans in signwriting like some other companies, giving you the freedom to roam where you want.

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Minibus - 12 seaters

Ford Transit 12 seater (also available with 14 seats). Diesel

Scotties is proud to offer the legendary late model 12 seat Ford transit. These vehicles offer 12 seats and plenty of luggage space. Meaning no trailer is required! Our rental minibuses are perfect for group holidays, family outings, sport teams, school events, or business events.

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Toyota Townace sleepervan. sleep on it!

Great, simple Scotties campervans (sleepervans) are the perfect solution for the budget traveller. These handle more like a car than a van giving an enjoyable ride. Just the essentials (bed and cooking gear) without the clutter. These rental campervans are not sign written so you can roam where you want!

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Auckland Truck Rental

Mazda Titan. 10.5 cubic metres

The perfect truck for the DIYer. These are easy, comfortable to drive and all you need is a car licence. You will get a real feeling of satisfaction from doing it yourself with these Scotties Rental Trucks. Auckland truck rental is easy and much more rewarding when you do it yourself. Ideal for shifting flats and furniture removal. What a great way to spend a day off!