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Toyota Prius - Hybrid

Hybrid rental car

hybrid car hire new zealand

Hybrid cars are available in New Zealand now.

Scotties Eco-Trip range - Save a heap on your next trip and reduce your impact on the environment.

Scotties is proud to now have available the revolutionary and fun Toyota Pruis Hybrid


Hybrid car rental in New Zealand - Go Green!

Impressive performance: The Prius proves that it is more than just efficient. The Power mode is perfect for driving through NZ mountains.


Eco-friendly: The Prius has one of the best fuel economy rating and lowest greenhouse gas emissions.


Comfort & versatility: The Prius has a comfort level that is second to none in its class. Not only will the driver have an abundance of space, but the rear passengers will also have plenty of room to stretch their legs. Furthermore, there is plenty of cargo room.


Safety: When it comes to safety, the Prius is among the best in its class. The standard anti-locking braking system delivers prompt stopping power when needed and the traction and stability control system makes it stay well-balanced on all road surfaces. Front side airbags and side curtain airbags enhances the security of all the occupants.

hybrid rental car in new zealand
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