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Backpacker Car Rental in New Zealand

mystery rental car for backpackers

New Zealand has the best Backpacker accommodation in the world. We can confidently recommend:

Grafton Backpackers Auckland 

Oaklands Lodge Auckland

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Backpackers are are the cheapest way to go.

When price is everything then you can't go past Scotties range of Backpacker Cars.

They might be older and higher mileage but the still have the same 100% mechanical guarantee as a brand new car from Avis. They might even have a few dents and scratches but who cares! You are getting the lowest price car rental in the world.  The deals are so hot we cant tell you exactly what type of car you will get but with the money you are saving you will be able to have a blast and splurge out totally on your great kiwi adventure.

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