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Best Times To Travel In New Zealand.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

The best time to travel around New Zealand depends on what you enjoy doing, your budget and your favourite season.

Summer is from Dec to February inclusive with the most balmy weather usually January, February, March. Day light saving starts in October so long warm evenings are a time to relax and enjoy.

There are a lot of music festivals, Agricultural shows, fishing, guided walks, sporting events including ASB Tennis, Cricket, horse racing, golf tournaments etc.

The down side of summer is the cost of cars and accommodation is at its highest

Autumn is March to May inclusive. Early autumn is also a good time to visit as prices come down and the weather is usually still mostly good, although as you go through to winter you will find the evenings get colder, shorter and you may find the weather a little more changeable.

Winter, June, July, August is the perfect time if you are a ski bunny with snow in the north Island around Mt Ruapehu and south Island from Canterbury to Wanaka with many little private fields as well.

Some of the great walks are closed in winter and if venturing out you need to be experienced and well equiped for safety. Our advice is to get expert information from the department of conservation as to the requirements needed for different locations.

Spring arrives with September and weather normally warms mid October, although often changeable s`pring is a good time to visit as the scenery is still snow covered and stunning.

Prices in spring are still at the reasonable end of the scale. Something to check is when the New Zealand and Australian school holidays are as this makes things more booked and a little more expensive

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