Truck hire in Queenstown

If you are moving house or you need a bigger vehicle to move just about anything, then Scotties have the perfect 2 Tonne rental truck for you to hire. We are the premier provider of reliable and affordable truck rentals in Queenstown.

Automatic transmission and easy driving on a normal drivers licence makes this vehicle the obvious choice to get the job done quickly. This is a great furniture removal vehicle and is the ideal rental truck for all of your relocation needs. Enjoy great deals and big savings by working with the top truck rental services provider in Queenstown.

Normal daily rentals include 150km free every day; and because it is petrol, you do not have to worry about expensive RUC fees. Call Scotties Rental Services whenever you want or need to rent a truck in Queenstown .

Queenstown Truck rental

Scotties have 2 tonne truck rental in Queenstown