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Its not a secret that New Zealand is one of the best road driving destinations in the world and certainly one of the most easily accessible. If you prefer four wheel driving and the back country, NZ has a range of amazing driving opportunities which will amaze you. Imagine the clear fresh mountain air of the country, ever changing and stunning views, crystal clear mountain streams and off road tracks you don’t have to share with anyone else except possibly some livestock and the occasional farmer.

Here at Scotties you can experience first hand what New Zealand has to offer well off the well worn tourist routes. The clear blue water of the alpine lakes, the hardy fine wooled Merino sheep flocks, countless ranges of hills, some as emerald green as Ireland and other by way of contrast covered in waving tussock grasslands. On our west coast trips experience the dense rain forests lining the river valleys and surrounding the beautiful lakes.

Get a feel for the working high country farms and in the south
see the transition from the rock and the tawny brown of the high country as it gives way quite suddenly to the lush green bountiful pastures of Southland.

Scotties will take you right to the beating heart of the South Island of New Zealand. We would love to help you.