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Christchurch campervan rental

Getting a campervan rental in Christchurch has a great new option with the sleeper car. Scotties have developed the Sleeper Tiida. This is an option for a couple wanting the cheapest deal on a campervan in Christchurch. You don’t have to sleep every night in the vehicle and New Zealand has some of the best camp grounds in the world.

Scotties staff have designed a very unique system that will convert a normal car into a comfortable vehicle for sleeping for one or two very close friends.

It might look a bit crazy but Scotties can show you just how versatile the sleeper car can be versus a campervan from our Christchurch branch.

Cheaper campervan travel is the ultimate way to get around New Zealand on a budget.

The biggest question is what you will do with all the money you save. Some great options are buggy jumping or jet boating in Queenstown. You are going to have a great time and also be able to spend your good money on the excellent food – try a Ferg Burger in Queenstown.

Sure – if you have unlimited money, this is not the vehicle for you, but for everyone else wanting a cheap campervan in Christchurch, this is a great option to consider.

The big campervan companies charge a lot of money because the vehicles are very expensive. This is a cheap option and cannot be compared with a $250 per day camper van. This is more of an option for campers who were wanting to take a tent. But the best thing is to look at the video and see if a campervan car from our Christchurch branch would suit you.

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