Before you make your reservation

What do Scotties rates include?

Our online rates on our website include basic insurance with a excess of $3500 , taxes and fees, unlimited kilometres, airport pick up and drop off during office hours ( after hours options are available for a  additional cost of $10.00  to $20.00 depending on the option you choose ), 24 hour mechanical breakdown assistance with the AA and Scotties special customer discounts.

Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?


We do not take payment when you book until pick up.

Do I have to pay a bond?

If you do not take our insurance you need to pay a $2000 bond. This is released when you return the car with no damage to it. It takes the bank 5 to 7 working days to return the money to your account.

Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?


We do not take payment when you book until pick up.

Can I hire a car if I do not have a credit card?

You can hire a car with a debit card. It must have the hirers name embossed on the front of it and you will be asked to take our basic insurance or put a $2000 hold on the card.

Do you have discounts for returning customers?

Scotties returning customers are rewarded with a free day for every  five hires. If you are a company this is still the case even if different drivers. Just let our friendly staff know you have hired multiple times so they can lock in the discount.

What does it mean if a car type has on request beside it?

This means that we have limited numbers of this car or that demand during the time you are booking is high and so weened to check availability

What licence do I need to hire a car with Scotties?

We accept drivers licences from most countries, they need to be in English. International licences are also accepted.

Do Scotties offer one way hires?

Yes we do and if your drop off location is not on our list of offices and it is a reasonable length of hire talk to us as we may be able to help. We have contacts all over the country

If I book an inter island rental is the cost of the ferry included?

Scotties have a discounted ferry deal available exclusively to our clients,

Can I pick up or drop off after business hours?

We have pick up and drop off options available for after hours bookings. It is best to contact our friendly team on 0800736825 so we can offer guidence on the best options for you.

When do free shuttles run?

We have a free shuttle running from 0900 to 16300 hours.  You should checkin on our express service at


Please call 0800736825 when you land to activate this service.

What level of insurance is included in the rental?

Basic insurance is included in all rentals. You have an excess of $3500 and can reduce this with our insurance options starting at $15.00 per day.


If you stay with the basic insurance you will be required to put a minimum $2000 hold on your card.

If I have an insurance policy with another party do I need to take Scotties insurance.

Easy, If you already have insurance we take a minimum hold of $2000 on your card and then if you have an accident you pay us and then claim the money back from the third party. This can take some time.

Can I take my car on the Ferry?

It is so easy to take your car on the ferry. No time wasted dropping off and picking up and no heavy bags to carry.


Speak to our friendly staff regarding ferry discounts.

Do Scotties have baby seats available?

Yes we do have baby seats available. Best to let our staff know you will be needing one ahead of time.

Do Scotties rental cars have GPS in the car?

Depending on the car you have booked we can arrange a portable unit if not in car.

Can I hire snow chains and ski racks?

These are available at our South Island offices and on special request in Auckland.

Do cars include unlimited kilometre?

All except our moving trucks which include 150 free and then 40c per kilometre.

Do you allow pets in Scotties cars?

In special circumstances we allow pets.

Please contact the team prior to hire. You are responsible for cleaning the vehicle.

Do cars have bluetooth?

Some do.

If this is a must please check with the team to get the right car for you.

Do you have a loyalty program?

We certainly do. Speak to our friendly team.

Can I smoke in the car?

No sorry we can not allow smoking in the car out of curtesy to others.


We charge a fee for breaking this as it means we can not hire it out again until we can remove the smell.


The Promise

Scotties pride themselves on having a fleet of safe, reliable and cheap rental vehicles. All our vehicles are strictly maintained with you, your family and friend’s safety and enjoyment in mind.

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