Rent a hybrid car in Auckland

car hire is easy and fun with a hybrid

Renting a car in Auckland needn’t be expensive. With ever rising fuel costs hitting the wallets of motorists and tourists alike it’s not surprising that people are being forced out of their cars and into unreliable public transport. Consider then renting a hybrid! Hybrids are easy to drive and even easier on your wallet. Fear not because Scotties Rentals is here to help, with the ever popular Toyota Prius, you’ll be driving to your desired destination in no time at all. 

How to drive a hybrid

Hybrid rentals are easy and affordable at Scotties with two conveniently located branches in Auckland City and Auckland Airport, whether you need a vehicle for a day or a month Scotties has you covered. With over 30 years renting cars, we know our industry back to front and guarantee the best possible service. For travellers, there is only one realistic way to see the best of what New Zealand has to offer and it comes in the form of a car, why not then make it cheaper and give a hybrid a go. Feel good knowing you’re getting from point A to point B while not only saving money on fuel but also by helping to save the planet! 

Hybrid-Toyota-Prius-new zealand